The Georgia Optometric Association would like to thank all the Optometrists and their families for being a part of the 2022 Annual Conference

GOA Members, Their Families & Guests

Dr. Paul and Susan Ajamian, Natalie
Dr. Michael Alexander; Jack Alexander
Dr. Tommy Arey
Drs. Kevin and Kelly Barrows
Dr. Seema Bhula
Dr. Jason Blowe; Asher and Chloe
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Kathleen Blum
Dr. Nhung Brandenburg; Aaron
Dr. Judson and Mrs. Tammy Briggs
Dr. Rebecca Briggs-Garnier and Mr. Jason Garnier; Elizabeth and Briggs
Drs. Alan and Glenda Brown
Dr. Jennifer and Mr. Josh Carter; Jamison, Jackson & Bean
Dr. Benjamin and Mrs. Laura Casella; Carter & Elizabeth
Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Carol Casella; Ellie Loebl, Donny Loebl, Lizzie Loebl
Dr. Sohyun Cho
Dr. Cynthia Cieszko and Mr. Paul Erlandson
Dr. Melonie Clemmons Lockhart and Mr. Robert Lockhart; Ana-Verie
Dr. Gabriel Colon
Dr. Melinda Dang and Dr. Ryan Piche
Dr. Horace and Mrs. Caroline Deal; Emmaline
Drs. Adam and Laura Depoe; Blair, Brooke & Brenna
Dr. Mark Dickinson
Dr. Nash Ditmetaroj
Dr. Lauren Dyak
Dr. Pamela Earls
Dr. Darel and Mrs. Inna Edwards
Drs. Stephen and Elizabeth Ellison; Luke and Emily
Drs. Scott and Gina Emely; Max, Luca & Carina
Dr. Charlie Ficco and Dr. Mary Elizabeth Brice; Sienna
Dr. Nadine Humen Forché and Mr. Charlie Rettiger; Annika Giesen
Dr. Nacondus and Mr. Jimmy Gamble; Gracin and Gemma
Dr. Melissa Giannamore
Dr. Rebecca Goad
Dr. Karen Gonzalez
Dr. Gaby Gutierrez
Dr. Cindy Harris
Dr. Teresa Hsu and Mr. Shan-Ming Chiu; Thomas & William
Dr. Petra Jo
Dr. Nancy Johnson
Dr. Joseph Johnson
Dr. Josh Johnston
Dr. Mehdi Kazamzadeh
Dr. Erika Kehrt
Dr. Mary Kennedy and Mr. Doug Deheck
Dr. Clair McCaskill; Mason and Abby
Dr. Robert and Mrs. Carol McCullough
Dr. David Murnan
Dr. Joyce Nations; Ms. Toni Nations
Dr. Jodie Norman
Dr. Jeanne Perrine and Mr. Terry Neal
Dr. Carey Phlong
Dr. Mehrdad and Mrs. Katie Saadat; Zack
Dr. Robin Scoggin
Dr. Tim Sellers
Dr. Mary Sezer and Mr. Allen Lovelace
Dr. Darrell Sorah, Jr.
Dr. Niloufar Soltanian-Moffett
Drs. Tom and Kelly Spetalnick
Dr. Krista Stapleton
Dr. Audra Steiner
Dr. Stuart Tasman
Dr. John and Mrs. Laura Titak; Morgan and Jake Von Holten
Dr. Kurt Treu
Dr. Kevin Vanderhoef
Dr. Nhuy Vo
Dr. Rick Weisbarth

Drs. John and Donna Whitlow; Jennifer
Dr. Thomas Williams
Drs. Zachary and Taylor Williamson
Dr. Frank and Mrs. Julie Winski
Dr. Maurice and Mrs. Hengameh Pourfakhr; Melody, Shawdon

Fellow Optometrists Attending, Their Families & Guests

Dr. Brandy Augustine
Dr. Bharti Bathija-Lala
Dr. Peter and Mrs. Dawn Chen; Angia
Dr. Basil and Mrs. Maureen Coombs; Ms. Hyacinth Coombs
Dr. Alette Davis
Dr. Jeremy Dohogne
Dr. Olin Fenton
Dr. Caroline Freeman
Dr. Joseph Harrell
Dr. Cory Hill
Drs. Steven and Laura Hill
Dr. Brooke Houser
Dr. Nicole Kish and Rarchar Tortorello
Dr. Daniel Lazar
Dr. Sanica Matthews
Dr. Summer Paulatos
Dr. Samuel Presley
Dr. Michael Serrano and
Dr. Pamela Gewirtz; Sara, Jacob and Cole
Dr. Miriam Turner
Dr. Thu Vo
Dr. William Wang
Dr. Kinsey and Mr. Brandon Watkins; Lily Jax
Drs. Scot and Brenda Werner
Dr. Brett Wilmon

Special Guests

Dr. Teri Geist, AOA Trustee
Dr. Horace Deal, SECO Treasurer
State Representative Matthew Gambill


Paul Ajamian, O.D.
Alexander Bottini, M.D.
Mark Dunbar, O.D.
Ellen Mitchell, M.D.
Jessica Steen, O.D.
Mr. Aubrey Villines, GOA General Counsel